ScanSnap N1800

The easy-to-use ScanSnap N1800 is the first network scanner to offer cloud linking functions as well as enabling users to email, save and print scanned documents through a network. With an intuitive touchscreen complete with GUI keyboard, the N1800 is efficient, secure and intelligent, thereby minimising operator involvement before, during and after the scanning process.

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Product Description

The N1800 scanner introduces a network imaging scanner designed to speedily digitise documents and facilitate the paperwork of everyone in the office whether directly into a companies business processes, local network or into the cloud. Directly link the ScanSnap N1800 to a network and digitize documents into processed data for e-mails, faxes, network storage and much more– all with remarkable ease in a compact footprint and with intelligent functions to minimise operator involvement.

Easily digitise and share document with just ‘one push’

Whether your documents are monochrome or colour, large or small, or a combination of those, just press the Scan button on the N1800 touch panel to convert them into digital data. With the scanner connected to a network, you can directly save and share the digital data through a network resource, including a cloud service.*

  • Save directly to a network folder. Improve information sharing within the company.
  • Attach to an e-mail and send to many people quickly at one time. Advanced automated functions ensure the N1800 digitizes your documents with remarkable precision and efficiency.
  • Send to a network colour printer. ScanSnap can be used as an alternative to colour copiers.
  • Send as a fax. Preview and edit the scanned data before sending. (Requires a fax server)
  • Save directly to a SharePoint folder or to a cloud service like Google Docs and Salesforce CRM for speedy information sharing and management.

(*Linking to Google Docs and Salesforce CRM requires installation of the latest software version: see our ScanSnap Software Upgrade page for more information)

Automated functions take the work out of scanning from start to finish:

Advanced automated functions ensure the N1800 digitizes your documents with remarkable precision and efficiency. Produce beautiful scans quickly without barely lifting a finger.

  • Marker Index

    This function detects words marked with a highlighter and embeds them as keywords in PDF files

  • Paper Size Detection

    means a mixed sized batch of documents can be scanned and only the exact paper size will be displayed

  • Colour Detection

    Colour or black and white elements will be scanned as such thereby limiting file size

  • Blank Page Removal

    Scanning in duplex mode will mean mixed single and double sided documents will have blank pages removed

  • Auto Deskew

    If the document is scanned at an angle it will automatically be straightened

  • Auto Orientation

    If a text-based document is scanned upside down it will automatically be rotated

Fast and accurate scanning

The N1800 delivers scanning speeds of up to 20 ppm / 40 ipm (Colour, A4 size at 200 and 300 dpi). Very accurate ultrasonic sensors detect when overlapping pages (multifeed) enter the imaging device.

Serious security features

The N1800 comes armed with advanced security features to ensure safe and secure operation among multiple users.

  • Advanced security measures guard scanned data from prying eyes.
  • Login authentication strictly controls what people can do with the scanner.
  • Scanned data can be output as password-locked PDF files.

Secure initialise

When the N1800 is initialized, free regions of the internal memory can be overwritten with completely random, meaningless data. As an added security measure, a new encryption key is generated after user information is deleted. All of this ensures that no trace of old user data can be retrieved from open memory.

On-board touch panel makes operating ScanSnap truly easy

The N1800 features a large, vibrant touch panel, which utilizes ‘One Push’ interface, so anyone can operate the imaging device with ease.


Scanned data is encrypted and temporarily stored in the scanner while it is being processed for e-mail, faxing, printing or storage. Even if an unauthorised party analyzes the internal memory, they would not be able to decipher the data. Scanned image data deletion The N1800 automatically deletes image data from its internal memory after the processed data is sent to an e-mail, fax, printer or a network folder, Even if an error results in data remaining in the memory, the data is automatically erased the next time the scanner is started up.

Customise it to the needs of each user

Administrators can customise the touch panel menu and scan settings of the N1800 to suit the work of a specific user or user group registered to the scanner. This way people who log on to the scanner will always find it optimized for them and easy to use.

Versatile range of use from ‘SOHO’ to large enterprises

  • Connect with a variety of server types

    The N1800 satisfies the digitizing needs of small networks that use a file server and e-mail server. It’s also right at home with more complex LDAP/LDAPS authentication-based networks, integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint and other application hubs.

  • Set up and manage multiple scanner units at one time

    The N1800 offers ‘Central Administration’ and ‘Job ‘ functions that allow you to collectively configure and manage a vast network of N1800 units with ease from a single console.

  • Network Scanner Admin Tool

    The Admin Tool function allows you to adjust running environment settings one scanner at a time.

  • Develop applications with the N1800 SDK*

    An SDK is available for the N1800 to develop applications (called Add-ins) and to expand the device’s functions to meet the needs of your business. *The SDK (software development kit) allows for the development of scanner controlled workplace applications.

    The N1800 SDK is free to download. Support is provided for a fee.

  • Scanner Central Admin Console/Scanner Central Admin Server

    Collectively monitor and manage scanner usage, setting and much more for multiple N1800 units, through the Scanner Central Admin Server function.